FLOODED: Super Cyclone hits India


India, part of the ASIAN PLATE, whose east cost is more prone to natural calamities. While India’s west gulf has the risk of Earth quake, the east has the risk of floods. In the East of India, The world famous holy river Ganges and Sundarbans  are prosperous. While West Bengal enjoys the major benefit of the elixir of Earth – Water, the flood is the gift to Orissa and Andhra Pradesh to the geography.

Flood is not new to Orissa. Most of the flood news in India was genereated by Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Indian government which failed in Ketharnath floods now vigilant on flood crisis management. Crisis Management was in historical low on the Ketharnath floods.

The recent cyclone named “Phailin”. The Cyclone did fill an area which is close the area of European Union Nation France. The Metrological department did serve a red alert. National Crisis Management team with the state government was teamed up to do a massive evacuation.

National Crisis Management is under the National Disaster Management Authority. The Team Vice chairman Merri Shashidhar Reddy has said the evacuation is massive. Authorities said 0.52 million people were evacuated.

The New Flood Phailin is being equated the 1999 flood which hit the same region. The Wind flow at 220 k.m/hour. Orissa’s Top crisis management officers worked at their level best.


The telecommunication and power were impacted as expected. US Navy’s Typhoon Warning Center has called the cyclone would move 315 km/hour. London based Tropical Storm Risk team classify the cyclone as category 4. The Cyclone is Super Cyclone.

Hurricane researcher Mr.Brian McNoldy, with the University of Miami in the US, told the Associated Press say this is the strongest ever Cyclone in the world. In the year of 1999, Orissa faced a same strength storm which killed 8000 people.

Indian Airforce (IAF) has sent latest strategic aircraft c-17 for rescue operations.The aircraft has reached Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa morning 8:15 am on 10th Oct 2013. The aircraft had 60 troops, rescue and medical materials.

IAF installed to use two C-130J aircraft for the rescue. Additional aircrafts were also being used.Few helicopters were standing in the KOLKATA, capital of the adjacent state West Bengal.

It is time for India to prove – they can handle sever natural crisis. This becomes so important in the backdrop of the recent failure of India’s rescue mission in the Kedarnath flood.


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