Food Security Bill – Mixed Responses


The Congress led UPA is so keen in rolling out one of its key promises ahead of the general elections 2009, the food security bill. The bill is boasted as the Genie to halt the food crisis of the nation. Last week the ordinance passed by the Union Cabinet to clear the legislation, clearly highlights the ruling party’s interest to actualize the scheme. For the move is received with mixed responses, hailed by Congress men and slammed by the BJP.

Sonia is visibly in a hurry to see the scheme to hit the floor as soon as possible. But one would frown, pondering over preparedness for the actualization of the scheme. Speculations run high that it might roll out as early as August 20th, which marks the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi.

Modi, with his new national leader persona catching up momentum, comes out with his views on national issues, than ever before. His gaining popularity is exploited to its best by BJP, in the wake of the coming national elections. (To exploit the Modi Craze optimally, news has come that BJP has decided to charge Rs.5 to whoever willing to participate the upcoming Hydrabad Rally, headed by Modi. Make hay while the sun of Gujarat shines!) . Narendra Modi just like that dismissed the much projected scheme as, “The Government in Delhi thinks just by bringing food security bill, there will be food in your plate.” He has also questioned why the UPA has not brought the bill in the parliament for discussions.




In spite of queuing unanswered questions over the practicality of the scheme, Mrs. Gandhi led UPA is very particular about the scheme to see its light. The scheme on hitting the floor would have to feed almost two-thirds of the 1.2 billion populations. This on functioning would cost the government an estimated sum of Rs. 3, 14,000 crore, defying the FM’s speculated amount of Rs.90,000 crore. No one knows how its impact is going to be on the economical, social and political fronts.

Even economists are partly skeptical about the success of the mega scheme. One has to wait and see whether it is ‘The Scheme’ that would end the food crisis in India or on the other hand cripple the national economy.

Mrs. Gandhi seems to be impressed by the schemes, similar to the one on paper on the national level, that were introduced by the Tamil Nadu state government over the past years. She is also aware of the success of the schemes and the way they have boosted the political success of the parties those responsible for rolling out the schemes. Perhaps, she is willing to taste a similar result to boost up the otherwise damaged UPA current term in the office.

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