Forgotten Gandhi of India

Feroze Gandhi (with no cap): Did not follow Nehru

He was the first Anti-corruption crusader of Independent India. There was a news stating Gandhi gave his surname to this Parsi. He was son-in-law of the first prime minister of India.

Feroze Gandhi, the husband of two time prime minister of world’s largest democracy – Indira Priyadharshini Feroz Gandhi.

Feroze Gandhi, the father of Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi did wear the cap of crusader. Indeed, he was one among the first in the independent India to question the cabinet against the lack of transparency and misdoings of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru government.

The First Prime minister of the nation faced strong opposition not from others instead from his own son-in-law.

Gandhi won elections from Rae-bareli of Uttar Pradesh for the first parliament of India since independence.

He brought the biggest financial crime of his time in the insurance sector into light. The execution of trail was in public and transparent. No Governments later that made such bold step. It was Gandhi who made the nation to understand the irregularities in the field of insurance.

TT Krishnamachary and Nehru

Gandhi believed nationalizing firms can bring legitimacy – which was later made possible to an extent by his widow.

The Mundra Scam, which shocked the nation lead to the resignation of the honest finance minister of the nation – TT Krishnamachary. Achary was a honest man – he had no role in the Mundra Scam did render resignation under pressure. He was unaware of the decisions which helped Mundra. But he had to resign on moral grounds.

He brought the danger of Corporate – political nexus to the nation. He was the one to bring the Rama Krishna Dalmia under scanner for the Times group acquisition.

Feroze is now forgotten. Name of Feroze Gandhi is not known to the present nation. What Arvind Kejriwal’s party is trying to do – which was done by Feroze even in the intial days of Independent India.

Seems his offsprings did not inherit him. They inherited Indira and Nehru.

Feroze should not be forgotten. Anit-Corruption crusaders should not be forgotten for the betterment of the nation.



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