Freedom of Expression: A Casualty of Cultural Terrorism


Killing a writer was a easy job for Religious Terror. Rasul, the writer of mylanji calls it is fear of society which made Perumal Murugan to close the pen. I read society as religion.

Vaasanthi, former India today author calls the acceding action of the author as not good. Ashokamittran calls this as a bad sign.

I think, I have to introduce Perumal Murugan, the hero of our story. Perumal Murugan is a professor from Tamil Nadu and wrote a novel by name ‘Maathorupaagan’ (A man with women half).

The Novel speaks about a culture existed in an imaginary story happening century back. The Story speaks about having kid via inappropriate sex.

The Cultural police are against it. The funny part is ‘The Novel is four year old’. The Novel explains about the pain, a woman gets if she don’t become mother after marriage. The story runs century back.

Few of the feminists support the book. Few states, the cultural police have not read the book. The two pages which are condemnable can be removed was approved by the author itself. But still the Hindu groups wanted the book to be reverted and to revert all the books he wrote earlier. This is far worse than FATWA.

Thanks: The New Indian Express

English Version of Maathorupaagan (ONE PART WOMAN)

The Hindu groups have gained momentum in states like Tamil Nadu after Modi has come to power. They consider themselves as police of culture as like the radical Muslim groups who stood against Kamal Hassan’s ‘Viswaroopam’.

Tamil Nadu, the land of Periyaar and Anna needs revival. Gopala Krishna Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and Rajagopalcharya calls for debate. The Nation needs debate.

But the end of the story is very pathetic. We have killed an author who is considered to be a cultural encyclopedia. Victory of Religious fundamentalism leads to loss for intellectual world.

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