Frozen Frames





The history of photography can be traced much earlier in the past, than we think, right from the camera obscura. Not more than a couple of centuries ago, painting was the only way to freeze a moments from the past for future reference. Photography in this digital era has become the cheapest and easiest mean to remember one’s past and relive those moments once again. This, to date, remains as the scope of photography, in a personalized context.

A couple of decades back we might have heard many saying photography is a costly hobby.  The day the technique switched over to digital, from the suspenseful, more chemistry inclined processes it’s ‘darling of the masses’ phase began and ever since mobile phones doubled as cameras, there is no turning back. Now everyone who owns a camera phone is a photographer, most of whom are very much interested in clicking themselves. ‘Selfie’ now finds itself in the active vocabulary list of a toddler who is yet to step into his/her play school.


Selfie Craze


In this era of social networking, taking photographs have become a primary requisite and the whole purpose and idea of taking portraits have seen a sea change. Photographs are no taken for freezing a moment but just an attempt to seek appreciation form people whom one really doesn’t know about.  A whole lot of people who show at most attention in capturing a moment to cherish it through the memories in the future, let the present to trip through the gaps of their fingers.  Just visit the nearest tourist spot from your home. Watch people at random and observe their activities. You might second me, then.

Most of the people are in fact missing ‘the present’ in their attempt to preserve the memories of the same. Man is already a social animal. He is now losing his ability to live in the present.  Those who go on a ‘selfie shooting spree’ during their outing, they’ll surely miss the lively firsthand experience of everything around. This actually kills the core spirit of the touring. After getting back home, most of the places in the snaps might be unrecognizable even by those who clicked it, what’s the whole purpose of the visit? Nothing!


Sea of Selfie Sticks


Reliving the moments, which got slipped during the actual visit, is somewhat like missing something while it was actually there, flesh and blood, and then trying to figure it out from its shadow.


So dear all,

Live the Moment! Now!


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