The Game has Begun

The Modi Wave- Feature Image

The election results of a country with over 800 million voters could never be foretold by anyone, not even Nostradamus. The result of the 16th LS election is nothing short of a Pandora’s Box. In the history of independent India, BJP has set history as the first ever non-Congress national party to bag absolute majority. The BJP camp is feasting full on their landslide victory and the air of jubilation was seen across the country. No party was able to taste the absolute majority fruit since 1984, in India. It was Congress under Rajiv Gandhi (winning 414 seats) three decades ago made it. Now history repeats but has favored the saffroners.

Sitting back in the couch with nails in the fingers as the snack to bite, eyes glued to the television since 8 in the morning, by 10 the tensions had began surprisingly began to subside. I got reminded of lethargically and passively following the Oscars a decade back, knowing ‘LOTR: The Return of the King’ would steal the red carpet all for itself. Today I phased a déjà vu moment soon after 10. The results were clear, leaving no room for changes there after. The political observers and critics  speculated that the futuristic government, in India could only be a coalition government with no country capacious to sweep an absolute majority. Today those soothsayers has been disproved.

Advani and Modi

There were many reasons behind this historic win, but of them everyone find two reasons as prominent. There had been an anti-congress way whose heat could be felt from all corners of the country. The reasons have been aplenty for this rave reaction of people over UPA in its second term. Unprecedented price rise, volatile fuel price, mind boggling multi crore scams, government stand against the public will in some key issues, enough and more reasons are there for the wrath of the people.

Narendra Modi has been the sole trump card in the BJP’s game plan around this time. The ‘Modi wave’ was so powerful that it held the party intact despite the initial dissatisfaction from the stalwarts like Advani, who had prime ministerial dreams long in latency. The entire BJP camp has literally ridden safely on the Modi wave. Even the bitter memories of 2002 Godra Riot, the indelible black mark in the political career of the now PM Modi, couldn’t stop him from taking the top chair of the country. The landslide victory that the BJP has tasted in Utter Pradesh, a state with sizeable Muslim demography, owing to the fervent campaign spearheaded by Modi’s right hand Amit Shah. BJP’s inclination to RSS though a worrisome factor, which many eyes are keen upon, hasn’t stopped from them talking the entire nation, almost.

Modi Wave1

With lots of promises in air and lists of it on papers in the election manifesto, the nation awaits to see which among them would reach them for real. Irrespective of the governments formed in the center, it is the power of the corporate that plays pivotal role in decision making. This has now become an open secret that, except a handful, everyone has become resilient to. Taking the Gujarat model, it is not difficult to speculate Modi’s government to will be corporate friendly. But beyond the corporate welfare, dubbed always as the short root to national progress that’s miles away from truth, there is the welfare of the common Indian. The never before election campaign taken across media and social networks seems to have paid well for the saffrons. BJP’s paramount victory in this election has come out because of the majority of rural votes favoring them. This clearly mirrors the aspirations and expectations of the never cared rural population. May Modi Sarkar turn some of their dreams for decades, if not fully.


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