Getting Started

One of my pal is a rapacious reader. He is particularly fond of reading motivational books. All the time during his leisure he loves to read such books and his bookshelves give room for books of this genre, predominantly. Motivational gurus are his favorite Godfathers and Godmothers. Every morning while doing his daily chores, a time where he couldn’t spare his time in reading, I’ve seen him with his ears hiding back his headphones. His digital music player will be playing some of his favorite motivational audio books. Just imagine a guy with a razor in hands shaving, with Robin Sharma making his day bright. That sounds strange to me.

Being my close friend with whom I have a very good rapport with, I’ve spoken this with him. His take is that listening to such motivational thoughts is the best ways to kick start his day. Many of us may have this habit as well. Worry not. Nothing wrong. However, should getting motivated have to be only this way. Doesn’t this sound a little mechanical? Should someone suggest me rules and guidelines to lead a better life? To me it sounds like fast food.

We come across a variety of people everyday. Watch lot of films. Read many books. Everything shows a slice of life. There is always something to learn from everything. All it claims is a keen observation and a little more distraction free contemplation over it. Pondering over every miniscule detail that we stumble upon in our day-to-day life can shape our vision in a magnificent way. Once the way we view this world changes, you’ll notice a sea change in your attitude – to your surprise that being acquired unnoticed.

Small is beautiful indeed. A Zen thought goes some what like this “Man runs behind in search of the ultimate truth. But during the quest he misses lots of simple truths.” So next when you wanna boost up your warn out batteries, spare a moment before thinking of eying on a motivational Book (@ Fast food cookbook). Because getting motivated by yourself is certainly better than you needing someone to motivate you all the time. Deriving your thoughts and opinions from what you come across in your life would be the best way to get motivated. In case if one is crippling in this aspect then seek the help of motivational gurus when needed. In fact this whole Idea of ‘Motivation’ is an outcome of corporate system where there is always a professional necessity to make a large group to focus on a task to be accomplished.

Getting inspired is much better than getting motivated. Moreover, getting inspired doesn’t happen on any given morning. Inspiration ain’t an instant coffee after all. Do you contradict?

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