God of Sex!


World has many religions and very few has mythology where only one is god others don’t exist as god. Islam believes in one god and puts no option for having one more. Christianity believes in trinity but still has room to accept little native stuff as required.

Eros of Greek Mythology

Eros is famous Greek god of Love. Love, Lust or erotic attraction is not defect of human kind. It is nature of it. Accepting or understanding differs from religion to religion.

World is alive because of Sex. Trying to understand at is best is most required to make the world run business as usual. A disciplined relationship which don’t impact negatively others life is a correct way to start.

Manmadhan of Hinduism

It is not unholy to state; gods too take birth via sexual means. Sex is not untouchable.

Kamadeva or Manmadhan of Hinduism has business to keep the world to run love and lust even for the gods. The Hindu god of Siva, who is considered to be away from worldly weakness did also get impact by Manmadhan.

Cupid of Roman mythology is very much similar to Manmadhan. Both have bows. But Cupid is a chubby boy but Manmadhan is man with his lady.

Both Cupid and Manmadhan follow the same concept of using arrows to kindle feeling of love.

It seems both have lot in common. Eros seems to be adapted as Cupid. While there are glaring studies think Greek gods are influenced by Indian gods.

The Hindu mythology puts brahma who has similarity to Abraham of Christianity in few cases did get impacted by worldly love and lust.

Love or Lust or sex is not incorrect. Making it bad in mythical world may make the world to go in wrong way. Sex is the most complex subject which should have to be understood by all adults to have better life.

Understanding the complex thing is a simplest thing to make the world non-complicated.

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  • Athenas Take

    Interesting and hard fact of like. And true sex is not incorrect.