GOD’s OWN Country says NO to liquor


It is difficult for any chief minister in the nation now to ban liquor. The bold step of banning liquor is step by step process even for chief ministers, who would like to ban it.

The liquor consuming population in Kerala is high in number like most of the states of the nation. In the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, the sale is getting increased year by year increasing revenue to the state owned liquor sales.

Poor population is more impacted of liquor consumption. Their family life and health is spoiled.

Oommen Chandy: CM of Kerala

The Chief minister of Kerala, Oomen Chandy took a cautious decision of banning the liquor step by step. Oomen Chandy government is criticized for Solar panel scam, while appreciated for the management of health care facilities in the state. Kerala ranks top in medication and education. The two main things human world needs.

The timing of liquor shops were reduced year on year and the state government almost tried to make sure liquor is not available in the late evenings. This was initiative to remove liquor from the nation but slowly.

Few suspect the ban can only increase the price and will make money for private illegally. On the other hand, few are worried that the non-standard illicit liquor to come into existence. This both worries need strong vigilance from the government machinery.

Banning Liqour is good move, but liquor cannot be eliminated unless culturally it becomes inappropriate. There will be still licenses for rich to drink and illicit liquor for poor to drink. Even cultural values are failing now days with ease.

But Banning liquor has to be appreciated. It is no way revenue generating move for the government. Only a welfare state can think about it in a capitalist money oriented globe.

Per few information, the Government says by the year of 2025 liquor will be completely banned and Kerala will be liquor free state. It is a tough target to achieve.

Let’s wait and watch and hope for the best.

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  • Good initiative. It has to be seen how the locals take it.