Good Governance Day: Who sells what?


My father was anti-congress on those days. He don’t like plans named after Nehru-Gandhi dynasty on those days. He dislikes the idea of naming Rozghar Yojna or Employment plan.

It is mindset of the congress party which he disliked, It was Janata Party – he felt which can come out of the mindset. He supported Janata Party for multiple reasons.  He is a fair critic. He likes the idea of IT revolution of Rajiv Gandhi and few of his moves. He liked Bangladesh creation by Indira Gandhi. He liked Indira in Sri Lankan issue.

But he hated congress for projecting only congress leaders and particularly the selling of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

Morarji’s name was never used by Congress. He disliked it.

Now, it is BJP’s turn to act as same like Congress. They call the birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpayee as good governance day. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is a great statesman. He has great respect from leaders across parties. He still enjoys respect from the common people even after he moved out of politics and his influence is diminished in politics. Mr Vajapyee is a remarkable person with great talents and convincing powers.

My father likes Vajpayee. I too like him for few of his moves. I am always critic of everyone. I disliked few of his moves.

Mr Vajpayee’s government too had few scams like governments of Nehru and Rajiv. It had its own pros and cons.

When I see Moon every day,  – it has dark spots. It is natural. Since the first government of India, very few prime ministers were able to have governments with no scams. But those prime ministers were not known or remembered by Indians now. Because, most of those governments were of less influence or short lived.

Calling Vajpayee’s birthday as good governance day is another sales by a political party. This time, it is BJP selling a BJP brand. Until now, it was Congress.

Political sale, today has no honesty.

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  • Unfortunately I don’t think whatever your opinion is actually true. Honestly it is the same Modi Government which celebrated the birthday of Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel in a grand way, to be very frank we were not at all aware that the birthday of Patel jee was also on the same day, since our childhood we were aware about the birthday of Indira Gandhi as that day….