Government Ads: Apex unhappy!



When a state government completes one year most of the media is happy. The happy is two folded, media get more ads from the government and the next they can make a cover story or a special coverage about the government’s performance.

No government in India since independence did a good finance management in handling ads. There were complaints from media houses that, governments make them to suffer by avoid giving ads to them.

Ads played vital role in more governments. In election years, governments used to spend money with almost no control to project their pro-social image.

First time, spending of money in large scale produced bitterness legally was when NDA published ads stating ‘India Shining’. ‘India Shining’ campaign was criticized by and large for multiple reasons. Though too much money was spend on the ‘India Shining’ – an NDA government sponsored ad campaign, the elections did not produce favorable results for Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee lead NDA government. After ‘India Shining’, it was ‘Bharat Nirman’.

After a long time, there is a legal verdict from India’s highest court. The dissatisfaction of the judicial system is very much crystal clear in the verdict.

APEX court recommends to avoid photographs in the government ads. If necessary of publishing photographs, Supreme Court (SC) recommends to have photographs President, Primeminster, Chief minister and the governor of the state.

Parties may not be happy on the verdict.

SC orders to stop multiplicity of ads. In case of ad of same message, SC rejects it to be published by multiple government ministries.

On other words, SC recommends austerity. Present government is not happy. The Law minister states the necessity of ads but ready to look into the matters.

Now days, even state governments are publishing large scale ads. The verdict is need of the hour.

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