Grammys and the Joy of Music


This year’s Grammys, the music industry’s perfect answer to Oscars, bestowed a wondrous viewing experience on me. There were amazing performances by the likes of Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Taylor swift and many past legends were remembered and their songs & memories finely evoked. The most remarkable one being Lady Gaga’s performance in memoriam of Lt. David Bowie. He certainly is a rock legend and as some may argue a brilliant performance artist and Gaga’s performance did justice to him.

There were a few glitches too like Adele’s performance being slightly disrupted by technical difficulties, but like a wonderful person she is, she let the performance go on. Quite frankly, the song didn’t disappoint.

Taylor swift’s 1989 won the best album of the year and she became the first female artist to win in that category and her speech made a buzz as Kanye west’s tweets have been doing rounds for a while. Bottom line is she epitomized a powerful woman with simple, sincere, not-too-many nor-too-little words, which is heightened by her actions to support Kesha, the American songwriter and rapper.

pic courtesy: Getty Images

pic courtesy: Getty Images

The thing that really got my attention is ‘the best new artist category’, which isn’t a common sighting in many prestigious award shows and that’s what got me, how out-of-world experience it would be to start a career even by getting nominated in that category. To be recognized by the greats in your field for your initial work. That is a feat in itself n winning it is certainly remarkable. Winning any award of remarkable but this is even more so. Meghan Trainor won the award *ta-da badum tisss* her song ‘I’m all about that base’ is so dance worthy and still on my playlist.

Christina Aguilera’s has been the host of The voice for 5 seasons and she too has won the Grammy for that same category for her debut album Christina Aguilera. Considering she has a great career gives hope for new artist. So this morning I listened to her debut album and here are my fav picks:

  1. Reflection
  2. What a girl wants
  3. Somebody’s somebody

The lyrics from ‘Reflection’-
Who is that girl I see/
Staring straight back at me?/
When will my reflection show/
Who I am inside? There’s a heart that must be/
Free to fly/
That burns with a need to know/
The reason why/

Just gets me!!

Other songs from the album that you can check out are:

>Genie in a bottle

>Love for all seasons

>Come on over

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