Guiding Kids into the Digital Realm


Digital Realm


Getting a personal computer was one of the biggest dreams of a middle class family, remember, that was a decade ago. In this era of digital explosion these dreams seem to have lost their charm. PCs of the previous decade can’t even keep up with today’s smart phones, both in terms of configuration and performance. A smart phone has enabled any one to hook to the digital media and no other device is more influential that a smart phone (relatively tabs are less used than smart phones) in reshaping and redefining the vary way we lead our lives.

While the potential of computers were realized during the past decade, computer was seen more as a device for educational purposes, and true it is, even now. The smart phone revolution is undoubtedly a game changer. Besides sighting a legion of positive utilities that it provides one couldn’t deny that this revolution had put the entertainment quotient on the forefront and the entire growth hands on it. The difference between the kids of the previous century and the cyber kids of this era in a nutshell is, the yesteryear kids had distractions in their lives while the cyber kids lead their lives amid myriad attractive distractions.




Just take a look around while you commute in public transports. How many kids aged not more than five is seen holding their parent’s smart phones and toying with it? Back in your families’ of kith and kin, what’s the reality? During vacations you might have noticed many kids effortlessly using various digital devices and actually their parents are watching them happily.  Using digital media is inevitable in this age of information, but how far one might allow the children to lay their hands on it?

Modern day moms find, offering their digital devices to their toddlers as the best and easiest way of calming them. They feel that if the kid is engaged with it they have hassle free time to do their house hold chores. This has in fact become a current reality in many of the urban homes. The kids remain glued to either mobile screens or hooked to TV screens. A child thus brought up finds digital dependence inevitable.




This dependence grows along with the child. This is alarming and already pediatrics and psychologists around the world have begun to express their concern over it. Anyone who has a basic introduction to child psychology knows well that every child learns everything only by imitation. A child does what we do, not what we tell them to do so. The actual problem is the elders themselves are unaware of using digital media and the kids simply tread in their path.

Few days back, the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) has announced new recommendations regarding Children’s digital usage Media and Children Communication Toolkit and that is something worth informing. This piece of writing is aimed at passing on the information and spreading awareness rather than presenting the gist of the information within itself.

The effects of technology on the human behavior are worth pondering and that deserves an exclusive or even perhaps a series of articles.


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  • sunita

    The banes of technology I guess and recently, I saw a msg on WA which warned of severe back and neck spasms and spondilitis ailments due to prolonged usage of phones and that too at very young ages.