Gujarat – Rajan Report shatters the Image

Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan

Mr. Raghuram Rajan, the present governor of Reserve bank of India has released report which will not bring smile in the face of incumbent chief minister of Gujarat and the prime minister candidate of India Mr. Narendra Modi.

Mr. Raghuram Rajan headed a committee which came up with the report on state of states in the nation. The Committee has to rely on data the government had.

The Surprise is Gujarat, the much hyped developed state missed to make a top entry of developed states.

The Gujarat model has proven to be best for industrial development. But the question of multidimensional growth is lacking in the state per the report. The committee took the following parameters to weigh the states: (1) income; (2) education: (3) health; (4) household amenities index; (5) poverty ratio; (6) female literacy rate; (7) % of SC/ST population; (8) urbanization rate; (9) financial inclusion; and (10) connectivity index

Courtesy: THE HINDU

Courtesy: THE HINDU

The Vibrant Gujrat and Gujrat development model was much encouraged by corporate section of the nation and the saffron brigade of the nation. Potentially, the model lacks India public centric model. The state lacks too much in education. Malnutrition of nascent babies are at high in the state according to multiple studies.

When a State which is not good at education and nutrition, can it be a good model is a big question.

Surprisingly, the data which forms basis to the report is not completely trust worthy per few intellectuals. The intention behind this report is to find, all the states in the nation has access to the possible good things in the country.

Goa, another Bharathiya Janatha Party ruling state tops the list and it is the number one state in the report which is considered as the relatively developed state of the nation. Tamil Nadu enjoys third position in the list of relatively developed states. The clean political Kerala enjoys second position with no surprise.

The biggest question, where is Gujarat in this list? – Gujarat comes in slot number twelve missing the top ten spots. Looks Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha can not become prime minister only for the reason they are not playing politics with national party label.

This report can be debated politically. But the main thing from the report is Gujrat has to put more effort to bring education on the top and the nutrition for kids at the best.But this is not clean chit for congress. This is just a study which has to be used constructively.

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