GWT – Google Web Toolkit


I have been furnishing up few sessions in India, months back about the rendering of presentation layer of Business Process Management. Most of the attendees are eager to know, how much of GWT is used.

Obviously, the Brand value of Google is too much. TIBCO, one of the leading BPM products, started rendering its presentation layer fully in GWT for last few years.

GWT – The Google web toolkit has become easy way to create presentation with the required manipulations. Though I did not code for GWT, I did use few the widgets comes out of it. In one of my previous projects, we had an issue with GWT rendering sorted order of data – where we failed with the given requirement of the client. But the client was happy to move with GWT, than the proposed technologies. The Client architect had full faith on GWT.

The Screens I used to build using tools are always Jason screens. The Jason Screens developed by me were taken fully to be integrated with Java Applications in most cases. But for now, I am with an organization which is not using GWT or Jason. For me Jason and GWT look cool.

The Presentation layer now has the capability for the user to add any widget he wants to add, which was not at enterprise level when blogger or WordPress rolled for the world. The world is open in GWT, it gives more efficient and reusable components. The bookmarking features and adding the components in the page with Ajax technology drives me to happiness.


GWT Version 1.0 was released in the year 2006. This was released in Java One Conference. Using GWT, the developers can develop and debug Ajax components using JAVA development tools. GWT can run in two modes Production mode and development mode. There are lot of open source plugins which make GWT easier. In Development Mode, GWT runs with Javabyte code and it easy for developers. Production mode gives emphasize on rendering.

I am now learning the nuances for GWT. This might help me in rending my presentation layer. But for now, my architecting and functional consulting is going good with all Christmas holidays lined up.