Happy Living – Part- II


05. Flex your Muscles



A sound body makes a sound mind. Humans exploit nature and their body in the same fashion. Most of us exploit both to an extent, as tough we have another planet to live on and more personally another body to live on. Work cultures can be divided into physical and mental labor. This tip is not for those who take up physical labor but for the other folks.

Mental work is equally strenuous yet all the work is only for the brain, while your physique is idle all along. Careless eating habits coupled with zero exercise life style welcomes obesity. Everyone wishes for a fit shape and crave for it seeing someone fit and sexy on screen. We conveniently forget that sculptured shape of the actors on screen didn’t come out of the blue, but earned out of years of hardship in the gymnasium.

If you have no dream of entering into show business, the task gets simplified. Exercising for fitness is much easier. Get some time to flex your muscles.  Your work burden and tight schedule is a lame excuse, and I needn’t tell you that it is. Well if you still feel you can’t afford to spend time exclusively for work outs, here are some.

# Walking is the easiest way to burn calories. The biggest threat the Americans are facing right now is not the terrorist attack but obesity. The reason behind this alarming national scenario is just because of the careless food habits and life style.

# Go Biking : In countries like China and Japan the awareness of biking has become a national phenomenon and citizens are encouraged to bike than using cars and other motorized vehicles to commute.  This not only helps to improve personal health but also an easy and efficient way to control pollution, reduce fuel consumption, and better traffic management.

# Dance Dance : ‘Hey no! I’m not a dancer’. I can hear you saying. But worry not pal. You are not gonna render a stage performance. Have you ever sat in your home eaten by boredom, or in some other moments wondering how to kill the building tension. These are the perfect moments to blast your speakers and shake your hips. Dancing is found to be one of the best ways to relieve your stress and boost up your morale. Dancing frees you from worries and peps up your spirit.


04. Cleanliness

‘Ah! Not again’.  I can exactly hear you saying this following your deep sigh. What I’m about to say is exactly the opposite of what you might probably expect under this heading. Cleanliness is next to godliness… Blah… Blah… Blah… Enough we all have heard it. Wait a moment I don’t disapprove it totally. Yet, there has to be a limit of your tryst for cleanliness. Just imagine if you’re Mr/Ms Clean. Do you think you can get away with this almost fully polluted world? Pal, there is no escape. Enough mess has already been done.

Over consciousness on cleanliness actually diminishes you immunity over time. Studies on health reveal that citizens of so called cleanest countries are found to be less immune than those living in more unclean livelihoods in poor or developing nations. Exposing yourself with unclean environments time and again in fact boosts your immunity. But remember just two things here. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Also keeping you and your living space clean serves as a easy preventive measure that all might possibly take. You might wonder, things we often think to be trivial, such as flossing ones teeth regularly, is found to improve life expectancy by six years. Unbelievable, ain’t it ?


03. Brain Gym:



Brain Gym


It might be hard to believe that keeping your brain active can prolong your life expectancy. A sound mind can keep you composed even at much older ages. Engaging your gray matter more keeps you active and alert. Not convinced with my argument. Just pick the list of Nobel Laureates of any discipline and have a look at their age. This doesn’t mean that you ought to be a Nobel Laureate to live longer. But we could always do much simpler tasks as your Brain work out.

Solving puzzles, Cross-words, Plying chess, or even learning a musical instrument are some of the easier means of engaging your brain. Owing to its abstractness music is considered to be one of the highest forms of intelligence. There are myriad of brain games Apps available for free on the market. Since we have all literally become unicellular (I mean our cell phones) organisms we can have the Brain gym in our pockets all the time, after all.


02. Smile Please




I’ve met people who don’t even render a smile even while photographed. Laughter is perhaps the only rare jewel which anyone can readily give it to everyone without complaints. You might have heard about laughter therapies to relieve stress. But when there are moments aplenty to laugh from your heart why relay on phony laughs.

LOL (Laugh Out Loud) is one of the most popular emotional expressions used online worldwide. But do we really LOL? Not certainly, as frequent as we use it in our writings and comments. What if you smile for your good every day? A smiling face can light up any gloomy atmosphere and make it colourful. Smiling is infectious. World remembers Chaplin just because he was a doctor making us much healthier. His prescription had nothing but laughter.


Charlie Chaplin


Smiling improves your tolerance and enables you to stomach the reality. A smile crates a positive environment and makes tasks look simpler. Our social intelligence can be improved dramatically if we wear smile on our lips. Smile is the most beautiful ornament for any face and good thing is it is absolutely free.


01.Attitude Matters

I haven’t prioritized any of the points we discussed here. Yet this is undeniably prioritized. If ever there is one thing that controls everything in you, your whole existence to be more precise, it is your attitude. Your attitudes makes what you’re, decides your potentialities and limitations. Only attitudes of the individuals have made things impossible thinks possible. Pages of History are filled with personalities of adorable attitudes.


Johnny Depp


You can challenge your mental and physical abilities and stretch them beyond what you believe its limits are if you have guts. Only attitude can give you nerve. Nothing can replace attitude for it makes up your entire personality. Your very existence and meaning of the life we lead is offered by our attitude. Never tune your mind to pessimism. Neither overdose you with optimism. Be a balanced realist. Being a realist offers you to arrive at better and sensible solutions to the problems and challenges that you face in your life.

Your personality would outshine others around you and take you to heights that you might’ve never dreamt of. Of all the points that we’ve pondered over in this article this is the toughest thing to follow. Because attitude is not a habit to be followed, rather it’s a way of life. Attitude sadly can never be practiced but a thing to evolve from within over time. It claims a lot of perseverance.



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