Happy Living – Part- I


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Every one of us wish for a long and healthy life. And there certainly resides a wish for attaining eternity deep in our hearts, though the logical reality defies it. Though we can’t find the gate of eternity, we might ensure better life expectancy and could even manage to stretch it a bit longer by better and healthy means of living. The points that we are gonna ponder over here are nothing new but which we most often ignore. And let me tell you one more thing. The points here are numbered only for convenience and they don’t imply prioritization. Besides this ordering is just a convenience as many of these points are interrelated. I start in descending order just to mean the readers that there are ten points on the way.


10. Quit Smoking


Quit Smoking

Yes, thank you for not smoking. Smoking just shortens your life much like the cigarette itself. One of the preliminary questions asked by the experts, for guessing you life expectancy is ‘Do you smoke?’ Smoking not only kills but the smoke of death engulfs your beloved ones too. It is scientifically proven that the smoke from the tip of a cigar is five times more dangerous than the stuff consumed by smokers themselves. As the smoke from the tip of your cigar is mainly inhaled by the passive smokers around you, imagine the rest.

Remember, “Smoking is a suicidal; perhaps in slow motion. “


09. Burst the Stress Bubble



Stress is so bad that makes you pathetic despite your might. A stressed out mind loses its poise. For a mind in distress even little tasks appear impossible. We often confuse perfection with seriousness. Most of our work stress roots from this mind set. Once the famous actor Shahrukh Khan in an interview was asked how he manages his work stress, he replied, “I don’t work at all.” He says he considers his acting profession a fun; something like a leisure activity.

Besides work stress there are other forms of stress that we create, especially due to the frictions that arise in relationships. I’ll make it short. Forgive. Shed ego. Never hesitate to apologize. Keep your mind as empty as possible. Don’t litter your mind with unpleasant memories. That beautiful garden of thoughts is not your garbage bag.


08. Have Company




Winning the critical moments in our lives is an art and that comes only for few. Not everyone is able to tackle it all alone. Yet, winning the moment with a good company is always possible for anyone. Blessed are those who have a true friend’s shoulder always available to lean on. Hanging with friends is one of the best and the simplest way to burst ones stress. A good friend is capable of cleansing the mind in distress and clear off the stress clouds. The heart in harmony with ours can better understand everything for it can even read your silence.

Some scientific studies reveal that spending time with pets also serves as a better stress buster. This might better work for elder people who can’t move too much from their home.


07.  An Eye on Your Diet


Diet Chart


Healthy life can’t be imagined without healthy food. Your diet makes everything of what you’re, even your character. Hard to believe? True. Calorie conscious food consumption is one of the simplest ways to keep a track on our physical health. Yet simple things are often hard to follow.  The whole problem of diet control hangs over one dilemma, ‘Dine for health or treat the taste buds?’

Well, why not mix up the two in the right proportions?  There are a good number of ways to treat your taste buds without compromising on the healthy aspects of the food you consume. The more your dining table is filled with natural food the less likely you’re to end up meeting your doctor as a patient.

Eat like a king in the morning; A prince in the noon and a beggar in the night. This is a familiar saying. The Indian eating tradition suggests filling one half of the stomach with food, a quarter with water and the rest empty. Say a BIG NO to ‘Junk’. The word means what it means. Need further valuable information on it? Hope you won’t ask for. A healthy eating leads ultimately to Healthy living.


06. Sleep Sound


Sound Sleep


Sound sleep and healthy food are the two sides of the ‘health coin’. Many of us don’t care these two and invite poor health. Our working schedules and our mechanized life styles has risked our sleeping schedules drastically. No one really seems to be concerned about the necessity of a sound sleep just because it doesn’t alarm us with immediate effects. Nonetheless deprivation in sleep brings about long term effects. They are potentially dangerous threats to our physical and mental health, alike.

Early to bed. Early to rise. This may not be suitable for every work culture. Yet understanding the science of sleep better will help us a lot to customize our bed times without compromising the work or leisure time.

To be continued…

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