Happy Women’s Day. Really ???


First of all, a very Happy Women’s day to all the women.

Are all women happy? Really? We all knew the answer to this question.

India is called Bharath Matha symbolizing the respect for women in this land. All the Indian rivers hold women names symbolizing the purity of women. So this land respects and glorifies women virtually by symbolizing them but in reality women are neither safe nor they get the due respect (Exceptions apart).

I read a recent interview of a south Indian actress to whom when a question “Would you leave acting post wedding” was asked, her answer was a slap on the face. It was “Would the same question be asked to a man”. We treat God and Goddess the same but why not the men and women. Equality is a bit over ambitious for now; at least the due respect and maximum safety are the immediate need.

The fundamental issue is not the blame of misconceived conservative society. First of all India was not so conservative ages ago. The sex temple in Orissa is a standing proof for our open culture. Some how in the medieval period there might have been an adulteration. Nevertheless, today there is a a clumsy situation of neither open nor closed society. One side there are movies and item numbers with maximum adult content circulating without any hue and cry, other side, our sisters are seen as wrong women if roamed alone after 8.30 pm. What the heck.

Being an Indian, I am confused myself on such misconceptions. According to me, women are the most special beings in the world.They are called the weaker sex but they bear the strongest pain of pregnancy. They are termed as “Meant for household” but they excel a lot more than men in any profession.

There is no easy way or a quicker way to this. The change must first come from within. I am a strong believer of deep roots. I learnt the basic discipline of standing in a queue and parking my vehicle in its space from my school. May be the need for women safety and the act of respecting women must also start from school. If this happens and education for all is also successful, then my title would be Happy Women’s Day (without the question REALLY???).

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