indexLove thine enemy’ – To say this, Indian politicians are not Christ.

But HATE is the product sold by Indian politicians at all their cafes of speech.  Either it is Varun Gandhi or Imran Masood – Indian politicians of second or third grade are culturally bad mouth personalities.

If any inflammatory statements come out, media speaks like Buddha and asks for code of conduct from everyone. Election time, Election Commission (EC) of India does policing and fails in most occasions. Code of Conduct from election commission is not a concern of seriousness for Indian political parties.

Imran Masood: Latest bad mouth from congress

It was TN Seshan, who taught election commission is not toothless snake. But still EC is not victories. India may need more TN Seshans.

The latest to join the list is Imran Masood, a congress outspoken bad mouth. He warned the prime ministerial candidate of BJP, Narendra Modi to be chopped.

Hate speech vs hate speech is Indias’ one of the election policies and known permissible agenda at election time.

TN Seshan: First Firebrand chief election commissioner of India

But the speeches getting translated into actions are the matter of concerns. Sometimes speeches trigger very bad series for outcomes. Arvind Kejriwal team claims BJP is acting violently against Kejriwal.

Election commission has foreseen those sorts of events in the past. Election commission even banned a politician for six years from voting and contesting in election for six years.  In the year of 1999, 28th July – Indian Election commission banned the Hindutuva firebrand Sivasena’s late Bal Thackrey.

Bal Thacrey: First to get banned for election code of conduct.

Thackrey was famous for his editorials in Samna – which can trigger violence.

Congress is trying to disown the comments of Imran Masood. Congress Prime minister probable Rahul Gandhi calls to speak with no strong words. Indian regional parties and congress opponent cannot allow congress to stay with gandhian era tactics. This is known to everyone.

Imran Masood is sent to two weeks of judicial custody. Imran Masood’s wife was broken down in congress rally.  Emotional politics is part and parcel of Indian Politics.

Threatening and Crying at stage are two weapons to gather votes in Indian elections. Indian democracy is not matured enough. The world’s largest democracy is yet to reach her puberty.

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    Indian elections are one big drama, just praying that there is less of drama and more sensible voting this time around.