Hindi-Urdu-Sinhala: Language Chauvinism?

A Hindu performing rituals in India

A Hindu performing rituals in India

‘’One Nation, One Language, One Religion’’ is a dangerous philosophy. But this is the philosophy of few ideological parties of South Asia.

Hindi India, Urdu Pakistan and Sinhala Sri Lanka can never become reality. But the leaders of politics are not able to understand the reality Or not ready or pretending to be.

But the coalition politics started by VP Singh has put the Hindi Idea in back burner. Few changes are visible in the present day Pakistan too. The New government installed in Sri Lanka promises to give proper share and equal importance to the minority language too.

Few Still Dream of Urdu Pakistan

Polarizing is people is most required in democratic for political parties to easily fetch votes. The Vote bank politics leads to Majorityism or Minorityism. Langauge or Religion or Race are easy targets for these people.

For Pakistan – it is Language as most of them are Muslims. But it resulted in Bangladesh. For Sri Lanka, it is Race. But it resulted in Civil war. Mahavamsa pride failed to stop the civil war for 30 long years. For India, it is religion. But it resulted in Partition and death of father of the nation.

Sinhala Sri Lankan’s are proud of their Mahavamsa

South Asia has to learn matured politics. A Democratic nation should have to give space for everyone. Majority or Minority should not be mater for a democratic nation. Though all three nations call themselves as democratic, they are yet to prove their support for pluralism. India seems to have proven to certain extend – but not fully.

India call herself as secular nation but it is not fully. Sri Lanka calls herself as democratic socialistic republic – but they never have been. Pakistan is yet to prove fully democratic.

South Asia is emerging market. South Asia has a biggest role to play in economics and politics of the world. But seems the realization is at slow phase.

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