The Hindu Buddha

Buddha statue at Thiyaganur (Courtesy: The Hindu)

Buddha statue at Thiyaganur (Courtesy: The Hindu)

A comprehensive study by the Museum of Chennai, Egmore proved that south India was practicing Buddhism which was very old and different from the others. The research is decades old. But the interesting fact is, it drives relation of Siva worship and Buddha worship into a point. It is sometimes called as Shaivaite Buddhism.

Buddha opposed the caste system of Hinduism. Buddha was not god in the early past. Buddha preached best and right way to live. Buddha himself is believed to have an indirect connection to the Tamil shiva worshipper grammar author ‘Agathiyar’.

Buddhist figures like Avalokiteśvara supposed to be more shaivaite in south. Fire was depicted on the top of Buddha’s head in the South – which was followed in other parts too.

The Shiva fashioned Buddha

It is a belief across the globe, Ambasamutiram is called as mount of brilliance – the place of Avalokitesvara. In the local language it is called mount of all wealth – Mouth pothigai.

The Mahayana Buddhism was almost like another but progressive wing of siva worship in south of India.

Buddha was part of Siva followers – but this was reversed later in south attributed to few of the Chola and Pandiya rulers.

On the other hand, few suggest Buddha as one of the re-incarnations of Vishnu.

While Buddha was against vedic Hinduism, Hindu scholars never left any chance to absorb Buddhism irrespective of peaceful or violent way. Buddhism was considered as completeness of Hinduism by great hindu saint ‘Swami Vivekananda’. Per Hindu scholars Buddhism is offshoot of Hinduism and they want Buddhism to be absorbed into Hinduism – though Buddhism can’t be reversed is a reality.

Buddha being one of the incarnations of Vishnu (per few), with no surprise in few of the remote places of India, Buddha is worshiped as Vishnu. One such place spotted is near to Tiruchchirappalli in Tamilnadu.

Buddha is master per me. I don’t see any religion after his name. I see, his preaching for better living.

Buddham saranam!

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