History and Geography: South Asians have to understand



Indian sand artist Sudarsan Patnaik give the final touches to his sand sculpture commenting on the latest cross-border firing between India and Pakistan

These days, I am able to hear heroic tales from most South Asians. Indians believe in giving free hand to Indian Army at her border as best. Pakistanis think of getting into conflict. Sri Lankan Sinhalese are still in the pride of victory over its three decade long war.

The History and even the present may be encouraging to majority of your region. But we all have to understand the future and the geography. It is a collective work and cannot be done by a single party. SAARC has not done anything best for the region’s political stability.

The recent firing in Jammu and Kashmir is result of the failure of any confidence building measure of the past. Vajpayees and Gujrals were not able to achieve anything best. But Indiras and Modis are also not the best.

In Sri Lanka, Tamils and Sinhalese are still not able to reconcile with each other.

What is the big problem? We all are not realizing the fact that we can be proud of History and execute our military best. But we all have to live in the same region. We can’t change the geography. Indian Pride or Sinhala Pride or Pakistan Pride or Tamil Pride cannot bring stability to the region.

The Region is for everyone. The Land is for everyone. We have to understand that the casualty is not the pride but the life of civilians.

A Sri Lankan Army man and LTTE Tiger

The Orators can take pride. The Leaders can journey on pride. But Civilians are the scapegoats. I am not supporting anyone. But  I am not happy with the way the region is handling its politics particularly, regional external affairs.

It is better to understand your neighbor than making a remote friend. We all are sons of the same soil and flowers of same tree.

Let peace prevail in minds too.



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