Hollywood’s Top Ten Christmas Movies — I


Christmas genre movies are the most predictable one, with a simple moral message about compassion or being thankful. Each year, Hollywood films celebrate the spirit of Christmas by remaking a classic Holiday story or by conjuring up a new foreseeable plot or character. But, what most movies fail to do is inspire the viewer. It rather provides a schmaltzy message for kids and family. Most film-makers have pondered over the question of how to make an inspirational Christmas movie. The results shaped by these directors – may be with the help of divine intervention – are the films listed below. Some of the classic Christmas movies have lasted more than a human’s life. These flicks will make sure that your Christmas holidays are as great and cool as possible.


10. Home Alone (1990)


We all like to have a holiday without the annoying expectations of family. For, Kevin (MacCaulay Culkin) it is a dream come true, when the family has rushed off to catch the holiday plane and has accidentally left him behind. When the novelty of being alone wears off, Kevin starts to miss his family, not only for the love, but also for the security they bring. The movie pours in lots of virtues about familial love and Christmas. It is also filled with flashy brainless slap-stick comedy. Nevertheless, “Home Alone” is funny and doesn’t have a dull moment.


9. Elf (2003)


This captivating comedy by Iron Man fame Jon Favreau doesn’t preach lessons. It simply remains a funny, child-friendly and innocuous fare throughout. Will Ferrell plays Buddy, an orphan child raised by Santa’s elves in South Pole. Buddy sets off to New York to find his real father – a children’s book publisher named ‘Walter.’ What ensues is a silly sentimental comedy, but the movie works high time, thanks to the complete naivete of Ferell’s character. Calling it a “Holiday Classic” might be too much, but it’s a breezily entertaining picture for the whole family.


8. Christmas Vacation (1989)


National Lampoon’s ‘Vacation series’ is a consistently funny, mini-classic of its kind. It follows the accident prone Griswold family. The head of this family Mr. Clark involves himself in a typical outsmarting attempt to give his family a rinky-dink Christmas. The film gains a huge momentum when Randy Quaid enters as the red-neck never-do-well cousin. The screenplay by John Hughes perfectly nails the trials and tribulations of spending the holidays with family. It’s a little guilty pleasure and no one can miss out the laughs produced by this full-blown holiday emergency.


7. The Bishop’s Wife (1947)


Henry Kosher’s sentimental comedy is one of Hollywood’s typical sanctimonious Christmas movies. Cary Grant stars as an angel named ‘Dudley.’ He is the answer to the prayer of Bishop (David Niven), who has the lost his touch with world and marital happiness because of a fierce dream to erect a massive cathedral with the help of wealthy financiers. Angels might not walk earth and certainly not in the image of Grant, but he is suave and charming. There will be some dark distrusts in your mind, while watching the movie. However, it ends up cherishing the birth of Christ and makes a respectful invasion into the realm of conscience.


6. Scrooge (1951)


Charles Dickens’ literary classic “A Christmas Carol” has been adapted to movies many times. But, the quintessential one is the 1951 movie, where Alastair Sim stupendously reenacts the role of ‘Scrooge.’ The story, if you are not familiar with, is about the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghosts of ‘Christmas Past.’ Their task is to make him atone for the errors he made and to show him the path for redemption. Thus 85 minute high-spirited holiday delicacy will bring out your tears and will vanquish the bad vibes of holiday spirit.


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