HTML 5: Is It A Best Option?


It was a cold winter night at Brussels, the capital of Belgium in Central Europe. “I am being asked to move out of Java for some time and was expected to work in HTML 5” – This was a statement from one of the junior developers with whom I used to speak to on IT topics.

He is new to HTML 5 and was not willing to move out of java. The reluctance is well known. His manager is trying to take him out of his comfort zone. His manager needs him until the second month of year 2014 for another project to kickoff with JAVA. But will HTML 5 be a feather on his hat? – That was the question he discussed. I asked about his wish. He is JAVA fan and never thought of HTML 5.

What is HTML 5? This was the question I had when the discussion started.

HTML 5 was an initiative of W3C (worldwide web consortium) and WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group). The initiative started in the year 2006 with the co-operation of both.

HTML 5 comes with few cool features for the developers. It is aimed at cross platform but lacks support from all Internet Browsers. There are still issues in rendering HTML 5 in all the browsers. HTML 5 groups includes Google, which keeps the developers excited about HTML 5.

The New features of HTML 5 is based on CSS (Style Sheets which define the appearance of the screens),JAVAScript(operational executable script for pages to work with manipulations and other stuff), HTML (Rendering of Webpage) and DOM ( Convention for rendering HTML, XML and XHTML). HTML 5 can bring uniformity and foreseeing in the future.

The Need for External plugins will be reduced with HTML 5.The best example would be eliminating the need for FLASH plugins. HTML 5 would be device independent with platform independency. But this is again Open group, any change in policy or improvement can be known to everyone. Development itself opens to all.

HTML 5 aims for less scripting More Markup. It also says, the Exception handling will be easier. At the end of the day, if you don’t like to learn something your brain doesn’t like. Don’t do it. That is what my advice to him.

I did say you can make your strong skills stronger or week skills stronger. But you should get aligned with your brain than your managers.