Vacations are meant to be cheerful. Every vacation gives us sweet memories- may be the reunion of relatives or a meeting with a long time friend- which is worth cherishing. Even the weekends never failed to provide some happy moments with our family members and friends, who were prisoned by their work loads all through the week. Within the family members, every dinner served as a vital moment of sharing the love. But all these moments and memoirs belong to days in the past, so to speak.

Man had no watch in the past but had time. Now everyone has watch but non one has time for the other. This message which I received from one of my pals, on a late night, kept me thinking. How true these words are! Our life shelves more and more anomalies as the rate of modernization catapults. In a life style bound with technology, every person secludes himself, from the rest of the world, like an isle. The increased dependence of man over gadgets has made him noticeably less social, beyond doubt.

Sharing love has gone digital. We converse with each other via cellular phones and internet, which takes of f everything and just delivers the mere sound of the voices at he receiver’s end. Every heart is desperately in need of love but no heart finds time to share love. We should remember, we are breeding a society of youngsters who are persistently shaping themselves as tech-kids. We slowly have started to manufacture, the Human beings v 2.0, who know everything but feel nothing. Soaring inclination towards machines and gadgets has started to minimize the differences between us and cyborgs. If you point out the speedy mechanical life as a reason, I won’t buy it. This is our life and we shape it.

I would not wonder if in the near future the big brains in programming set to write coding to build software that would make people feel and help them experience human emotions via virtual reality. This may sound funny to you. Yet, the possibility of it turning into a reality is higher. Having known about people queuing in ‘Second Life’ and the likes, I’ve less doubt about this. Man has started doing everything in reverse. Machines are to be used and people are to be loved. But, ironically peopled are used here and machines are loved. Machines have undeniably sophisticated the standards of our lives. But there is one thing probably a machine could never substitute; the presence of a breathing human soul and the warmth of love that it is capable of providing.

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    They update their version and not the feelings