Being Human is enough to Stand up for Gaza


While collecting materials for writing an article, I’ve never encountered the difficulty of withstanding the emotional breakdown, like for this one. The killing of the three Israeli teenagers abducted on 12th June, 2014 and found dead 18 days later (on 30th) was it all that broke this hell open. A Palestinian teen was abducted, of what seemed an act of revenge, and burned to death on 2nd July. ISA (Israel Security Agency) continually claimed Hamas was behind the abduction and killing of the three teens, which Hamas denied.


Israeli teens


Ever since Israel began its air strike on the Gaza strip, the days of havoc gripped the region. The Gazans had only briefly enjoyed the breath of sigh, since the last military offensive of Israel in 2012. The air strike ripped Gaza apart killing civilians mostly, forcing the rest to seek refuge in about 20 schools in Gaza belt run by the UN. Israel media proudly proclaimed its advances and the achievements of hitting the targets, so much like a child taking about his/her achievements in a war based video game.

While collecting the data for articles, having no systematized background, I could only relay on News channels and predominantly web updates to follow the development. Not in my recent memory have I struggled to keep on the count of the deceased that ever increases not within days but hours. The data on the latest ground offensive by Israel army has shown hell more vivid than ever to every Gazan. The current offensive is observed as the worst in the last five years in the region.


Gaza Civilian Deaths


The abandoned civilians, fleeing for their life and the video footages showing their bodies littered like trash on the streets of Gaza is extremely depressing. The world countries, the supreme powers in particular, reacted only slothfully. US commented only after the toll crossed 100 and UN secretary general way beyond that. (While the toll was way past 175, if I’m right)

Among the major news channels with which I’ve access to, American news channel CNN didn’t bother much on covering the story and this ostrich buries its head in MH17 story for the past few days. The anti-Russian sentiments developing around that story and the well known Israel friendly American approach could be sited as the reason for it’s over involvement in the former and the ignorance of the later. It is Al Jazeera that’s covering in an out, revealing the dynamics of the ground realities from Gaza.




The Israel army amassed in Gaza strip makes its advances in the name of identifying and rooting out the hide outs of Hamas’, yet the dead so far are civilians amounting over 80%. The plea for a ceasefire was declined by both sides. Hamas made its stand clear, no word of truce until Israel stops. Al-Wafa hospital in the heartland of the war is over flowing with patients, with the wounded toll crossing one thousand.

The motive of Israel is obviously an attempt to wipe of Palestinians from Gaza and curbing Hamas seems only a safe diplomatic and political disguise. If ever Israel stands true to the intentions it proclaims of, it would’ve given enough time to the Gazans to evacuate. Only days after the air strike, shortly before the ground assault it warned the civilians to evacuate. This reveals the original intentions disapproving the camouflage that Israel keeps reiterating ever since the attacks began.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that the army is prepared and ready for further attack. The latest news of Israeli army pounding the Al-Aqsa Hospital that reportedly has claimed 4 lives so far stand as a testimony of Israeli offensive that has shrugged off all the international laws of war. Such attacks on civilian structures if let go without condemnation, would prove loss of civilian lives at a massive scale.

Israeli Prez and Nobel Peace laureate Shimon Peres last Wednesday responded to the situation like this


“This is a moral problem, but I don’t have a moral answer to it”


Ironically he won the Nobel Peace prize in 1994 sharing it with Yasser Arafat for his contributions in realizing Oslo Accords, which planted hopes in the Palestine-Israel peace processes, during his tenure as Israel’s Foreign Minister.


Quote Shimon Peres


What is happening in Gaza right now is nothing short of a preconceived genocide tactically and mercilessly staged by Israel. Supporting Israel is accepting militarism and would only testify the loss of humanity from our hearts dried to its last drop.