‘I’ — Inadequate and Incongruous


With a huge expectation I entered the cinema hall to watch one of my favorite director’s movie I. The initial hour didn’t disappoint me at all as it was quite building up good. Vikram’s multiple packs, Angel like Amy Jackson, Humerous Santhanam, the most colorful and pleasant locations, sets and of course the ‘Alaipayuthey’ style of screenplay, as in, the mix and match of hunchback Vikram’s present day and the bodybuilder Vikram’s past.

The second hour was slightly turning towards the predictable side disappointingly. Audience start to feel that it’s edging towards an age old revenge story. There comes a couple of songs with extraordinary visualization to the rescue of audience. Hats off to PC sir, Rehman sir and the art director.

The third hour proved all the predictions right and thereby the movie lacked even the slightest touch of Shankar. More than the hunchback Vikram, the movie’s dialogues are week. Age old phenomenon of 4 villains responsible for turning the hero from a bodybuilder/supermodel to hunchback ( how they do it is a bit of a new approach but doesn’t help the movie by any way) and they ill-treat the hero. Hero strikes back, heroine accepts the hero as such and then they lived happily ever after.

This story itself is a big minus for the movie. Alongside, the dialogues doesn’t add any value as well.


Having said that, this movie has a bunch of positives such as extraordinary acting and hardwork from our own Chiyaan. Apt choice of heroine. I never knew Amy is so beautiful. Locations such as the Chinese portions of the movie are mesmerizing. I am still unable to recover from the Pookkale Satru Ooivedungal song. Melodious as well as Vibrant to watch.

Sets used for songs such as Ladio and Aila Aila are brilliant. Graphics in Mersslayiten is flawless.

Usually people go out for a fag during songs of any movie. But I saw the reverse in this one. People were eager to sit and enjoy the songs and their video.

Overall, this movie only satisfies a Shankar fan 50% for the grandeur visuals but the remaining 50% which accounts for the strong story, screenplay and dialogues is missing completely.

I – Technically Advanced but Subject wise  – still stuck at 80s. Shankar disappoints for the first time.

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