ICC World Cup: India Out! Sentimental Shout!!


“Anushka – Down! Down!!” – One of my friend is scolding Anushka for India’s defeat over Australia in ICC World Cup Semi Finals. There are lot of comments about her in What’s Up and Facebook. She seems to be stronger than Australia in defeating India in the semi-finals per lot of netizans. Already internet has become dustbin thanks to Indian social media activists.

Few speak about the sacrifices did by MS Dhoni. One of my friend has sent a past life event of Virat Kohli and asking me to salute him for his participation in the game. I am shocked.

We don’t need any one to sacrifice their life for the game. We are not in World War, We are just in World cup. Yes, We lost, but this is not last. We can get back in future.

Photo Courtesy: Cricinfo

Photo Courtesy: Cricinfo

One of my friend -What’s Uped with Sachin Tendulkar praising Virat Kohli. He appreciated Kohli. One of my friend almost given a life history of India Captain. This shows Indians did not feel this as team game instead game by few so called sacrificers. The Same cricketers made huge money making the fans as emotional fools. They acted in Advertisements of liquor company affiliations too. Cigarette companies and Liquor companies made benefits out of these national heros.

We need a professional game. We don’t need to stone a house or not appreciate some one as great super hero for the reason they play this game. We can accept them as talented in the field and we can render appreciation for the talent. But we can’t become mad.

India is appreciated in the world not for a sport or game is the bitter truth. India is appreciated for its intellectual cheap labors.

Let’s not get mad and make someone to make more money because of our madness. I am not shouting at Anuska. Let she have her own personal space even at public.

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