Ilayaraja Music and Elayaraja Paintings


I am fan of ilayaraja and Elayaraja. Both can be pronounced same in their mother tongue. The word Ilayaraja was coined by a Tamil producer Panchu Arunachalam while launching the music director for the black and white movie Annakkili. Ilayaraja means Prince or Younger King. This can be translated to other Indian languages as Yuvaraj.

Silk Sumita, was name given to Vijayalakshmi of Andhra Pradesh by Story and screen play writer Vinu Chakravarthy.

RajniKant was the name given by K Balachander to Sivaji Rao.

I am not going to speak about Pseudonym here. But Pseudo names are powerful.

I am fan of ilayaraja melodies. His songs are soul of the land where he comes from. The folk soul in his songs is original to the land he belongs to. It is duty of every artist to expose the culture in which he grew.



I love music of the land. It has life. Ilayaraja is genius in it. Poove Sempoove is still my favorite. All songs from K Viswanath Movies are close to my heart.

I grew up hearing songs.

And now comes, Elayaraja – a painter I liked for his paintings. I have seen his paintings and re-seen this week too.

I like his paintings. I like all paintings which don’t try to expose intelligence but just expose the soul of it.His paintings is of the same nature. His paintings are close to reality. He is being called by few as Anandha Vikatan artist as he brushed for the media house Anandha Vikatan.I like artists like Maruthi, Manium Selvam (Ma Se). Anandha Vikatan has produced good talents.

I like the villages of India, traditional houses and huts of India. The half saree girls are breed dwindling in south India.

I saw bunch of Tamil girls in London Sri Murugan temple in half saree, that is the last time I saw half sarees. India is culturally invaded. We did lose our roots.

I was a beginner painter and still continue to be. I was a cartoonist drawing political cartoons when I was studying in college.

One of my professor even offered to place my cartoons in my college notice room.

I love the heart of India. Being Original is always best.

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