Incredible India


INDIA – The seventh largest country in the world, with the enormous Himalayas at one side and the ‘3 oceans meet’ at Kanyakumari on the other side

One of the top ranking cuisines of the world with rich spices.

Climatically suitable place with an almost equally spread day and night.

Vast geography that would satisfy tourists of diversity – snow stretched Himalayas, exotic beaches of Goa, tremendous temples of Tamil Nadu, natural beauty Kerala and so on.

In spite of all this, India lacks behind many other Asian counties such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, Srilanka in tourism.


Well. It’s not a single reason but a collection of many.

We are trying good but not good enough in promotions. This is one of the top reasons according to me. How many Indians knew about the details of Bragadheeswara Temple in Tamil Nadu? It’s a marvel but not promoted at all. Likewise I have heard about caves of Madhya Pradesh and many others which are hidden treasures.

In developed countries, sightseeing bus run across the streets and showcases even the ‘not so attractive ones’. But we even fail to promote the deserved ones.

Second reason is the lack of security for tourists. I have seen a lot of people outside Taj and Mahabalipuram literally trying hard to pester and get as much as they can from the foreigners.

As well the lack of many basic and tourist friendly amenities make the places even more insecure.

Last and the most important reason would be cleanliness. ‘Kutralam’ is supposed to be a natural wonder but even a localite like me shrinks my face seeing the way the place is maintained .

Insufficient promotions, Insecure environment and Inefficient maintenance are the three culprits. When the ‘in’ is taken from these culprits ( literally) India will be 100% Incredible.

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  • Very true. Agree with your points.
    We have everything. However, unfortunately, we fail to get the tourists.

    Incredible India deserves more tourists.

  • Amita Gulia Sehrawat

    Well drafted points….
    Hope we catch up soon

  • You’ve nailed it so well! Fully agree with you. India doesn’t know how to promote tourism here. Whenever I go abroad, I always start comparing (human nature) with other countries. Recently was in Thailand… Look at them how they promote. We have so much to show but…