INDERNETIA : Google’s Internet India Political Views


Google’s 2013 survey on Indian Voters who use internet gives lot of interesting information for political parties.

The biggest surprise is, not the most of the Internet Indians like Modi. Close to half of the Internet Indian population is not decided its choice for PM.

The Survey deals with urban Indians. The survey was taken in 59 major cities of the nation. 65 % of Indernetia population are not ready to share their views on politics in internet. Most of the view we see are either fabricated or coming only from very slim population of the NETIA.

5% of the INDERNETIANs would love to speak with no face on politics. It means people are yet to open up in political space. But the net population loves leaders to be more net-active. It is considered as progressive by the INDERNETIA population.

The happiest part is more than 80% of net population has voted before. The net population loves to vote. That is good thing in internet. India is progressing in democracy. India is getting more federal and democratic now days.

Most NETIAN’s feel local issues are important than any. The only thing which can compete is the brand of the party – but still the candidate profile weights more than PM candidate. That is the point the youth India is giving to the nation.

WEST of the nation feels PARTY or PM candidate is not that important and weights local candidate more. The point to be noted is Modi comes from WEST of the nation.

RaGa or Modi – whatever you are hearing are not real voices and the faces which are raising are not real faces.

39% NETIANS are ready to be enroll to be a volunteer for a program of a party. This seems to be more of AAP effect. AAP has done more impact than any party.

Next time, when you hear internet voices – don’t bother if they are against you views, cos they are not real. But don’t forget to vote. Cheers 🙂

Happy Election year!

NOTE: Indernetia (Internet inside INDIA – IND(int)ernet-IA). This is the word I coined.

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