India in Belgium

Belgian King with Indian President

Belgian King with Indian President

Seems Brussels is getting its connection with India rediscovered. Former King Albert’s visited to Indian city Chennai in the year 2008 almost 5 years back.

The Present King Philippe described him as backpacker in India in the past. He called ‘The Vision of Indian citizens are deep’. He thanked Mr. Pranab Mukerjee, the president of India for coming to India Festival.

Europalia this time celebrates India. India is on demand in the heart of Europe. Europalia self describes with below words in its site.

europalia BelgiumEuropalia is a major international arts festival held every two years to celebrate one invited country’s cultural heritage. Since 1969, Europalia has organised some twenty-two festivals. Each has turned the spotlight on one culture.

The king reffered Europalia as “an opportunity in the capital of Europe to approach the mysteries of another culture”.

The President of India, a consensus builder in India per the King was in Belgium on the first week of October. King of Belgium and the President of India had state talks. The news is not hot in India.

There are posters across Brussels about the Indian Fest by Euripalia. There are exhibitions and performance in the capital of Europe.

List of performers are from different art forms of the world’s richest traditional talent pool. 400 Events are planned. The Europalia stretches more than two weeks of time in the Europe’s power hub.

India, a nation with undoubtedly a great nation with greatest culture is mother of great art forms. The Yoga based Bharathanatiyam, colorful Kathakali, traditional Yakshagana, Drumdance from Assam, Bangra of high beet Punjabi, Ajanta and Ellora paintings can be easily recollected by people who know India.

Knowing India is knowing another world. India is rich in culture. India became poor only after colonization.

Europalia opens for you.

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