India and Capital punishment


The land of Gandhi is not Capital punishment free nation in the world. The land Gandhi and Buddha born approves the process of Capital punishment legally. Death Sentence is a tradition in India. Indian leaders getting assassinated is a continuing history. Indian politics is emotional with less genuine leaders to care for the people. Indian politics mostly run with emotions.

Either it is Afzal Guru or Perarivalan, the nation is divided with emotions rather than understanding the real reasons behind the acts and punishment. The Father of the nation was killed by Godse when it was expected that Gandhi can be killed.

Gandhi was killed by the assassin for multiple reasons. While Gandhi was considered as a ‘Good Hindu’ rather than a good Indian by his Muslim league counterpart Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the hindu maha sabha considered him as a pro-Muslim. The concept of pseudo-secularism was used with no hesitation in place of hindu support to Muslim. Per few, Gandhi on his last note, did not want Godse to be killed. But only Gandhi can. Gandhi’s death was a modern time crucifixion.


Indira Gandhi was killed by her own security guards as reply to ‘operation blue-star’ which sent tremors across the Sikh community of the nation. The nation has massively Sikh populated Punjab. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by Tamil Tigers in Tamil nadu for the failed IPKF mission and his ideology of ‘single SriLanka.’

The information behind these assassinations is no fully disclosed to the public by Indian government. India is not transparent enough. Killing can not be justified for whatever reason. The concept behind the Indian capital punishment is to maintain fear in the minds of innocence and feel good in the minds of victims and supporters of victims.

As there are very cleverly orchestrated leaders and movements are coming into politics, the assassinations are easily getting glorified or the assassinated leaders get demonized with emotional talks and no complete facts.

India’s IPKF mission was a poorly executed exercise, where JN Dixit, the former high commissioner and RAW (intelligence wing of India) did not do their job correct. Rajiv’s idea of turning the Pro-sinhala officers camp was not welcomed by the agencies. Rajiv has to stay in between. He was misunderstood by every one – officials, Leaders, Rebels, Tamil and Sinhala intellectuals too.

Still Dixit, police and RAW officials are not punished for their mistakes. On any note, a cultured society hates killing either it is legal or not.

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