India China FrENEMIES Forever

The zen Buddhism being practiced in china was a brain child of a south Indian. The history of Hasrsha was greatly contributed from the travelogue of Yuan – swang. Give and Take is a historical connection between the Asian elephant and Red Dragon. But elephant always suspects or afraid of Red Dragon. Dragon on the other side is no exception. It feels the same heat.

The Chinese Premier who visited India recently proved that India is more important to his nation than Pakistan and rest of the world. That is the reason he made his first trip to India after his swearing in. But the climax or start of he movie was not giving happy to India. There was an eruption of border issue in the disputed Kashmir Region. Chinese troops had a banner stating “You have crossed your border. Please Go Back”. “Please” is the only polite word offered by China.

After the premier of china returned to china, China had a dialogue with Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, the new friend for China in the Indian ocean. China readily offered “Training and other military Co-operation” to the island nation is India’s Troublesome. India has fielded Naval ships in the border with Srilanka. India has opened  a monitoring facility to check china in the ocean.

The premiers of both the nations can cover the cards. But evidently, the world know their game.

Dragon don’t want to be a full fledged enemy of the elephant. “Gujrals doctrine” formulate by Gujral is still in operation for Delhi. Delhi may need to shed the face of arrogance in every opportunity even with small nations per the doctrine. There are forums in which both needs to work together. BRICS has both the super powers. China is a veto in united Nations. India needs a seat for Veto. Potentially, looks both are fighting for the same place.

They can call themselves as Friends. Others can call them as Enemies. They are FRENEMIES forever, at-least for sometime.


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