Manmohan Singh: has at least one reason to smile.

The North Eastern state of India Assam likes congress. The recent surveys state – in ASSAM congress has more mileage than anyone in the state. BJP refused to go with Assam Gana Parishad did not hurt or get more.

At the moment, Assam is the only state seems to be happy with the performance UPA II. Surprisingly, Assam likes Rahul to be next prime minister next to Kerala.

Malayalees like Rahul Gandhi over Narendra Modi, though they like Left Democratic front equally with Congress lead United Democratic front.

Assam is becoming strong hold for congress more or less for a decade. Tarun Gogoi is helping the mileage for Congress.

imagesModi fails to make his impression in the north eastern state. Congress vote share is increasing even in double and triple incumbency in the state and center.

Seems BJP is not able to understand the politics of the north eastern state. A poll states over 40% of Assamese likes present UPA rule.

Over 30% of Assamese wants Rahul Gandhi to be prime minister. Seems 23% of voters feel Sonia and Manmohan would have to be re-elected to rule the nation.

This is great news for congress. Congress may hope for Punjab, another state it may get mileage. The bottomline of the story is BJP is not able to understand the politics of Border States with China. Arunachal may still support BJP.

Sekhar gupta of Indian Express says,  BJP has very simplified idea about the state. He comes from the same.

Rahul Gandhi Kissed by assam women: Assam Likes Mr Gandhi

The Television channels NDTV and CNN IBN predict Congress has edge over everyone in the north eastern state of the nation.

Once praised Assam Gana Parishad is at its verge of life in the state. BJP has swallowed a lot of leaders from AGP like other parties. But this time, BJP swallowed the leaders thinking it will help. BJP refused to go with AGP. BJP has no clear gameplan in the state.

Congress has at least one reason to smile.

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