INDIA Elections: Autumn in BJP

Modi and Advani: the gap is wider than what's expected

Modi and Advani: the gap is wider than what’s expected

Jaswant Singh: Oldage Gang Member in BJP

Modi can be similar to Mrs. Gandhi in a lot ways. Indira treated political statesman Mr. K. Kamaraj in very bad manner which can be equated with the handling of Advani by Modi camp.

The Autumn has been artificially created by Modi Magic gang. Vasundhara raje scindia, chief minister of Rajasthan – indirectly made sure Mr. Jaswanth Singh of the old-age Team of the party not contesting from Barmar.

Mr. Advani , once Prime minister candidate of the party is pushed to choose Modi way. He is not interested to go with the constituency party is giving.

Vasundra Raje: Shown Door to Jaswant

BJP is not as disciplined as Marxists of India. Given a chance to become prime minister of India, Jothi Basu did not become and abide to party thoughts. Though he said it was a blunder – but never went against party until his very end.

Mrs. Sushma Swaraj is not happy with party. Even after here oppositions, few of the decisions were taken by party. Mr Arun Jaitley is part of Sushmaji’s opposite gang.

The plan by Modi team is clear. They want Advani team to vacate BJP. But the Advani team is not ready to make that task easy for the Modi team.

Sushma Swaraj: Advani Gang

Modi team is trying its level best. Advani did fail to create a team for him in the present generation gang. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Sivaraj Singh Chouhan is really not coming into any of the camps. He is trying to play neutral as much as possible. He has all qualities for becoming prime minister.

Before the end of 2014 elections end, BJP’s autumn may not complete. But Modi team will try to get the autumn completed at the earliest.

Modi team is singing – Spring go away. Autumn – Come our way!

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