India ’MODI’fied

India, the World’s largest democracy which is leaning towards Two Grand Alliance theory in practice has witnessed another chapter. Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi, the incumbent chief minister of the western developed state of India, Gujarat is appointed as the prime ministerial candidate of India’s prime opposition party – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The party leads the second prime alliance of the nation – National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The party was having tough time in announcing the Gujarat chief minister for the country’s top executive designation.
Mr. Modi comes from low profile background. He was a Tea Vendor and now, the appointed prime ministerial candidate of prime opposition party of world’s most populous democracy.

Mr. Lal Krishna Advani, the grand old man of the party was eliminated out of the race by his own party with in closed door discussions. The Present leader of BJP, Rajnath singh though failed to make the poles meet – stood on his legs for nominating Mr. Modi.

Mr. Modi, a charismatic figure in present India particularly with the younger generation of the India is equally controversial in image. Mr. Modi is being haunted by the ghost of Godhra still. Mr. Modi was not able to convince the critics of him.

Mr. Modi who failed in tackling 2002 Post Babri Masjid demolition Godhra riots per the critics, started walking in the agenda of industrial development. Mr. Modi is trying to en-cash from his image of Mr. Development.

BJP Leader Mr. Advani has aired his opinion publicly on the displeasure of accepting Modi as Prime ministerial candidate of the party. But Mr. Advani is singled out in the party. The announcement of Mr. Modi as prime ministerial candidate has marked the end of Advani Era.
Modi_posters_295_dec20India, which is famous for the idea of pluralism, is liberal in thoughts and looking for agenda of development. This simple reason has helped Mr. Modi in a lot of ways. Mr. Modi’s supporters are not speaking about hindu nationalism openly when the charge of secularism is tabled in discussion forums. They are trying to compensate development with the lack of secularism image the party acquired from the day one in nation’s politics due to different factors. Mr. Modi himself is a Hindu Hardliner.
The present ruling party of India, Indian National Congress (INC) is losing its ground in the agenda of development. The damage is incremented by the large scale scams performed by the present United Progressive Alliance (UPA) under INC. As per the supporters of Mr. Modi, He is the man of development. This is the edge he is expecting to install him as prime minister in India’s West minister Parliament system.

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