India – The Plural!

India: we are different as our food

India: we are different as our food

‘How do you say “Hello” in Indian?’ – I have faced this question whenever I travel out of India. Most of my assignments are in North America or Europe. Most doesn’t understand India, the plural – they look India as singular union.

It is a tough concept to understand. But India is plural. Even Indians don’t understand. Neither Hindi, nor Sanskrit was a common language for even half of the country in the past or present. The same goes to the longest living classical language of the sub-continent – Tamil.

India is plural in everything. Hinduism is not the same across the board. India is plural but also remains united for different reasons. Imposing anything on Indians may have different reactions. British did not impose Christianity with vigor, though they had respect for churches.

British stayed away from socially sensitive subjects. Every Indian has the right to safeguard his faith, language and practicing life style. Getting into fenced area of others is purely undemocratic until the fenced area is used against the nation.

India is colorful!

Few are not able to understand the multi nationalism existing within our nation. Every ethnicity inside the nation has to be respected.

When a friend of mine, spoke about Tamils of Tamil Nadu doesn’t accept Hindi. I was shocked. The Hindi belt which claims Sanskrit as mother language and best of the past did lose the language. The ancient Indian languages were Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit and Tamil. When everyone lost their language – Tamils saved it for centuries. Tamils has to be appreciated. The Indian government took steps accept Tamil as classical language when pressure started pouring from political class of Tamil Nadu and intellectual class of globe. We have to understand the affinity towards their mother tongue is great and has to be appreciated. Moreover hindi cannot be pressurized per the parliament records.

Not only on the aspect of language, but also on religious front -a co-worker of mine stated about ‘Hindutuva – is a living style and has to be followed’. It may be a living style – I have no difference of opinion – but as Christianity and Islam (though Hindutave is a living style and not a religion) – It too cannot be compulsorily fed.

We all came from same root. We have to respect each other and we have to understand the love for everyone’s affiliated things. We can not  belittle others patriotism or nationalism on the basis of language or religion.

We need to understand that India is Plural. We are here to co-exist.

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