India:  Under Hindu Agenda?!

Foreign Affairs Minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj

It was dream of Nation’s father M K Gandhi – ‘The Ram Raj’. Gandhi wanted to replace British Raj with Ram Raj.

Ram Raj, Gandhi sought was different from the Ram Raj – the saffron brigade seeks. India is under Hindu Nationalist Party Bharatiya Janata Party’s rule.

The Prime minister of the nation, Narendra Modi came to the chair by taking advantage of the development model called Gujrat Model – named after the state he ruled.

Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi

Mr Narendra Modi started his rule with few best moves in the region. He called South Asian heads of governments for his swearing in ceremony. This is one of the best move in the foreign affairs history of sub-continent.

His visits were projected to be the beneficial for the nation. His brand ‘Make In India’ is yet to sweep. But it is too much of Pro-Business and Pro-foreign investment.

Now, it’s time for the twist in the story. The Hindutuva blood which is running in the saffron Hindu nationalist party leaders started boiling.

The leaders started moving out of the development agenda. But the prime minister and few key ministers are still on the track.

Sadvi Niranjan Jyoti enforces the belief of believing in Ram on everyone in the nation. She is part of  the present government.

A leader from Uttar Pradesh calls the world renowned TajMahal, a Shiv Mandir. Though there are few historical debates, this stirs a problem exposing the leading party of the nation may be moving out the development agenda.


The Foreign affairs minister holds the flag to make Hindu Sacred Text, the Baghavat Gita to be the National holy book of a secular nation.

It is time for the common Indians to suspect  the development agenda of the national government.

The Hindu card  is more dangerous like any majority  political card. India is filled with 80 percent of Hindus but co-exist with Muslims and others.

Leaders in the government has to understand, the job given to them is development not saffronisation.

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