One of the Biggest democratic festival in the whole wide world is undoubtedly – The elections of India. India is a country of numerous perspectives. Indian media is relatively a free media, when compared to most of the nations. For a media house in India, elections are like manna (heavenly food) for every five years at the max. The media did face severe restrictions at the time of emergency.

Now the corporate media is a having a great time. Indian media goes around 24X7 with multiple views and some spewing out words in high decibels. On the other hand, the Indian media is also charged for its biased views. The new addition to it is the paid news. Few of the Indian media moguls are industrialists doing business in other fields. Indian media seems to be liberal in most cases but not completely –they have to serve their corporate masters too.

The Opinion polls coming out of India’s 24X7 Channels are being called as extrapolated heavily and unscientific for a country with large number of voters. The media numbers are coming out of perspectives than with near accuracy. Though the media houses try to provide the methodology it used, that takes a sideline and observed to be in fine print. But the mood of the nation is made as numbers per the understanding of journalists.


Roy of NDTV gives health warning on opinion polls but states their numbers are near to accuracy. CNN IBN states, usage of fewer samples in most of the relatively smaller states. Headlines Today was utterly failing when its opinion poll was announcing the continuation of DMK rule in Tamil Nadu. Few state local journals called it as last minute gimmick by DMK.

Credibility of Indian media is not great with most of the people in India. But at the same time, the people still believe that Media houses are relatively neutral. Election Yatras of leaders are covered extensively. But the important statements seem to be blacked out or moved to trivia sections with malicious intentions. HATE speeches take front seat in media shows. A media house being pro to a party is not condemnable. But it would be good for the nation, that the concerned media house state its affinity.

Only the election results would state which exit poll numbers are going to be correct or close to be.


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