Indian Roads (aka) The Litter Zone


Street foods and Indians are inseparable and I am no exception. Summer time in India and I had my road side cut water melon and cucumber mixed with chilli powder… Mouth watering taste. After enjoying the melon I was searching for a bin to put the plastic plate and tissue to which my 15 year old cousin replied drop it in the road and come bro.

I got angry and scolded him and said road is not a bin.

During my break time at office I walk out to the street side petty tea shops and have one. That road, where the shop is located is in the backside of the top corporate companies. Almost 80% of employees who come there for a tea or fag drop the rubbish just on road. Shame on us.

In following this habit the entire India is united from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. No exceptions.

People who have been to developed countries like the States and the Europe behave like a member of swatch bharath there and act the straight opposite in homeland. They say “it’s like this here”. Unethically grown brats I must say.

I bought a tender coconut from a street vendor and after finishing that I gave the shell to the vendor (as I didn’t find any bin nearby and he had some space in his vehicle to store this finished ones) who replied “Am I going to build Taj with this one. Throw this on the road bro”. I got irritated but controlled my anger as the educated so called pillars of India do the same, so why pound on a poor uneducated.

Smokers throw the butt on road in India. Street food eaters throw the waste and wash their hands on road. Customers out of ATM throw their mini statement receipts on road. Industrial waste is dumped on road or in rivers. Is there any end to this?

Swach bharath might be a good initiative which would clean the roads but not change the attitude of Indians. Without the change in attitude, no matter how many schemes are launched, all would end in vain.