Indian Surveys Predict – a non BJP-non Cong Regime

The recent surveys floating in Indian media about the next government after May 2014 announces multiple trends coming up in the nation.

A worker looks at a Congress party flag carrying a picture of Gandhi next to flags of India's BJP inside an election campaigning material workshop on the outskirts of the western Indian city of AhmedabadWorld’s largest democracy is going for the world’s largest democratic festival in the first half of 2014. The American Copy Cat media of the country and the prime opponent opposition party of the nation Bharathiya Janatha Party(BJP) eyes for a presidential poll kind of elections – unfortunately India’s West Minister Parliamentary Democracy is not thinking in that way.

The Highly projected Prime ministerial aspirant from the opposition camp by Media, the Gujrat chief minister Mr Narendra Modi stays only in the second position in the parameter of Honesty by India Today -C Voter survey.

Though the present Prime minister Mr Manmohan Singh, whose personal integrity has been ranked as the first in the nation wide survey is not going to bring joy for the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA). The Present UPA government failed in all parameters. It is evident that the popularity of the Indian National Congress, the leading party of UPA is declining at least for the coming elections.

The only thing which can bring joy to UPA is the emergence of regional parties. Congress can do business with any one except BJP. The Mulayam Singh and Mayawathi of Uttar Pradesh can do business with Congress. BJP has restrictions; it is still a Hindutuva party at least for the Political parties of the nation. The liberal Hindus are divided with Mr. Modi, a polarizing figure.

Amma(literally means Mother) of Tamil Nadu – Jeyalalitha Jeyaram  is the only leader out of NDA who is okay to support the Gujarat Chief Minister. Even BJP is divided when it comes for Modi. The Grand old man of the party BJP, Advani is against the  Modi factor. The Janatha Dal (United) is out of NDA only for the reason – Mr Modi elected as Leader to lead BJP Election Campaign Committee.

Biju Janatha Dal (BJD) of Orissa is hesitant to have business with BJP. Trina Mul Congress(TMC) supremo Mammata calls for a federal front. She is eyeing for an alliance with BJD and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) of Andhra Pradesh.

Though Congress is declining in popularity, the arithmetic of Indian elections is not in favor of BJP. Third or some front is emerging like 90s of the past.

Hung Parliament can make Indian Economy to slow down a bit more. Congress would be the back seat driver. The present failure of economy can be attributed to Congress by a lot.But Congress may dictate economic terms even after elections.

I am waiting for world’s largest Democratic festival and it’s out come. Lets cross the fingers for now – Indian voters are intellectuals than their political masters.


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