It is not easy to arithmetically find the thought process of Indians, Tamil nadu is no exemption. Tamil nadu – one of the major big states of the nation is going to National polls this time with too many alliances. Even the new comer AAP is contesting elections with known figures.

Tamil Nadu wiped out congress from ruling her in later part of 1960’s. Tamil Nadu is bastion of Dravidian politics.  Though Tamils are learned and has more connections with foreign nations, Tamils keep their language and culture close to their heart. DMK harvested it long back.

Tamil Nadu has two major political parties – DMK and AIADMK, both are Dravidian parties. This AIADMK is going to elections with no alliance. DMK is with less powerful partners. At last, BJP too found alliance in the costal state of south. AAP goes with intellectuals. Congress this time goes with no one. The Finance minister of India clears his seat for his son. Congress is at huge loss in the state due to its bad handling of EELAM Tamil issue.

M K Stalin: Heading DMK campaign

M K Stalin: Heading DMK campaign

Jaya thinks of getting more seats. BJP is stronger compared to any elections until this time. DMK has very little mileage. Congress is at very bad position. Congress may loss deposits in elections.

P Chidamabram, the outgoing finance minister of present Indian government called Jeya as Team B of BJP. BJP called AAP as Team B of Congress in Delhi elections.

P Chidambaram: Congress is going alone in Tamil Nadu

P Chidambaram: Congress is going alone in Tamil Nadu

Due to too many alliances and too many contestants, election pundits in the nation and state are more confused to predict the outcome of elections in southern state. But most pundits feel, Jeya may get more than 25 seats in the election.

DMK and AIADMK have more than 20% of votes. Others stay behind them. DMK did loss its ground due to family infighting.

With all the problems of the others, Jeya seems to have a cushion now. But Tamils are not outspoken – they may vote for BJP or AAP this time.BJP thinks of raiding on Modi wave, MDMK, DMDK and PMK. Seems BJP is getting an edge.

VAIKO: BJP's friend in Tamil Nadu

VAIKO: BJP’s friend in Tamil Nadu

MDMK has to understand that BJP is no way Pro-Eelam party.

AAP’s Suba.UthayaKumaran is contesting from Kanyakumari and Gani may from Chennai. These two faces are the only known faces for AAP at this moment. Gani has very little chance to win. Suba.Uthayakumaran can do well – if things goes well.

Bottomline of the story is Jeya has the edge over others. Per Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu is voting for B Team of BJP.

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  • Athenas Take

    Well all that I know is I am not voting for DMK or Congress no matter what happens. Congress and scams have become synonyms and DMK and powercuts have become synonyms too. For me its the lady with the two leaves all the way. Kind courtesy her Tamil Nadu is safer.

    • Aji

      safe with its blast