Indo-Pak: Nawaz Sharif Failed in first test

The newly elected prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif seems to be failing in his agenda. The complex Pakistan administration is trying to get Military under its circle of friendship. But the lion of Pakistan, Nawaz has failed in his first litmus test.

pakistan india warThe Pakistan army has killed 5 Indian soldiers near Line of Control in the disputed Indian Administered Kashmir region. The Defense minister of India, Mr A K Antony was in defensive mode to save not his army but his neighbor’s. But Mr Antony has failed in saving Mr Nawaz’s army(where actually Nawaz don’t have a control).

Mr. Antony has now complained about Pakistan Army’s behavior. The 24X7 news channels of the world’s largest democracy did not miss any single opportunity to rise the mercury in the nation. The Emotional Indian media and opposition called for canceling the Indian Prime minister Mr.Manmohan singh – Pakistan Prime minister Mr. Sharif dialogue.

India is non-committal in dialogue process now. But at the same time, the dialogue between elected governments in Pakistan was not fruitful in the past too. After successful Delhi-Lahore trip of Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India faced Kargil.

Looks Mr Singh and Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee(the Prime minister of India at the time of launching Delhi-Lahore Bus service) are walking on same path.

Mr Vajpayee opened up generously the cultural ties with Pakistan to ease situation between both the nations. But he was gifted with Kargil conflict.

Most Pakistani politicians, even the common public is not against the neighboring India. It is fundamentalists, who paint India in saffron and Army, which feel it will loose it’s hold if the issue of India dies – are in insecurity.

It was the act of Army which resulted in Kargil conflict. Mr Nawaz was prime minister then too. He was not aware of the operations. But the conflict was growing to be full fledged a war. The strong Indian army won the conflict though there were intelligence failures.

It is evident, that Army of Pakistan need to be brought into cordial mode with India or with Pakistan’s elected government. Later would be recommended.

The Fundamentalists of Pakistan have again started speaking of attacking India. This time their target is Delhi. India was vigilant on EID to avoid any worse events.

In an election year, war against Pakistan may give political mileage to ruling Indian National Congress. But the economists in the party are not ready to endanger already sinking Indian economy which recoded less than 5% growth rate in the year. The growth can be worse than expected. Already Indian Rupee is sinking.

India has to find ways to mute the misbehavior of Pakistan army. India’s Dialogues with elected government and bureaucrats of Pakistan are not doing any good. Pakistan Army need to be brought into dialogues and to abide to the agreements made between both the governments.

War free sub-continent is good for both.

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