Being an INTROVERT is an extra positive


Culturally, a nation like India produces introverts. India is a society of hierarchy. I still remember a statement which was part of school pledge of the past – ‘I abide by the words of teachers and respect the words of elders’.

I felt there are positives in being an INTROVERT. Introverts are better listeners and will be better team player.

Introverts wait for their chance to speak and will not break the chain of thoughts of any meeting speakers.

Introverts are mostly quite, but will have the required knowledge of the field they belong too. You may under-estimate them. But that won’t bother them. You may consider them as inferiority complex people. But they may have better solutions than the others.

Introverts can be good speaker given a chance as appointed speaker. They used to get less angry then others; they can face questions with smiling face. They will not walk out of any discussions mostly.

Introverts are more creative. They write a lot. They may be better in fine arts too.

Introverts may try to avoid parties but not official meetings. They don’t jump on anyone’s shoes.

Introverts will have fewer friends and will try to spend much time with their family. Introverts can be good family guy too.

Introverts try to preserve the culture in which they born. They don’t experiment and they will not be spoilers for any culture unless they have been appointed as a leader where they have to jump on others shoes.

Introverts bother less about status and fame. This keeps them mentally stable with less stress.

Introverts always hear the sound of their heart. When you find someone as introvert, try to speak to them more, because they have more thoughts that can change you way of looking. Not seeking thoughts from introverts may end up in expensive loss.

My heart is with introverts.

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