Iran – Choosing the middle path ?


Hassan Rouhani has won the Presidential elections in Iran. Most US and Pro-US eyes were looking into the elections as an extended activity of Khamenei. Iran was searching for a liberal that it can accommodate within its framework.

Narendra Modi of India, Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran – all can be equated to Adolf Hitler of Nazi German by neutral thinkers. But the fact of the matter, these countries have democracy at least to a lesser degree. India is an exception to a larger extend. She is the largest democracy.

It was surprising News for US and rest of the world, that a politician who openly criticized the nuclear power and anti-west principles of the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regime can over throw the nationalistic pride government. Hassan was openly against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Saeed Jalili – the president-nuclear duo of the nation until 14th July 2013.

Ali Khamenei

Supreme Leader of Iran Khamenei

Hassan Rouhani, President Elect of Iran

Hassan Rouhani, President Elect of Iran










It was believed Khamenei, the spiritual head of the nation, who influences the country in all of its politics, will choose a successor for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – but democracy has played a vital role in bringing the successor to Ahmadinejad.

Hassan Rouhani is looking for cordial external affairs with other countries. But it seems no easy task. Benjamin Netanyahu of Jewish Israel would not be easy for Hassan Rowhani. Benjamin still hates Iran and can try to fabricate stories against the newly elected First Man of Iran. The last Non-alignment summit which was hosted by Iran had too many blurred and clear messages to US. US might have thought it was  Mohmoud Ahmadinjad’s pitch for international influence.

US did pressurize countries like Sri lanka and India – not to import oil from Iran. Tehran was ready to make Indian rupee as transaction currency. But Colombo and Delhi did play an act of balance.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Present President of Iran

The Economics, the politics and the external affairs everything need to be changed as per the new regime at least to improve the image on Hassan Rouhani in the international forum. The other thought would be Hassan may be an initiator for Iran to lose its face as hero for third world. The previous regime tried to project Tehran as hero for third world countries. The aggressive nature of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is entirely different from Rowhani.

There are complaints against Rouhani for attacking the pro-democracy students in 1999 & there are allegations leveled against him on a bomb attack in Buenos Aires. Rouhani might have answered for these allegations in the past in words. Indeed, he denied the allegations. But it is time to prove his Statesmanship. Looks, Israel has postponed its military option against at least for a year.
Tehran has chosen the middle path. But Time has to say the performance of newly elected Hassan Rowhani of Iran.

World is waiting!


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