Is Jaya’s successor More Successful ?


There are no two parties in Tamil Nadu. There are two leaders in Tamil Nadu and two group of peoples following these leaders.

Tamil Nadu is a state of Hero or Heroine Worship. Political parties of Tamil Nadu may look like king size fan clubs.

Two major parties (DMK and ADMK) are led by movie celebrities of yesteryear. The Neo-party Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam is led by another movie celebrity of near recent yesteryear.

Due to Indian Judicial system, Jaya has to vacate the seat of Srirangam. Election Commission has to announce elections for Srirangam.The election results started coming early in the morning of 16th Feb 2015. The results clearly state there are only two parties or two crowds in the state. One is behind Amma and one is behind MK (M Karunanidhi).

This time, the ruling party is Amma’s ADMK. BJP and Communist did loss their deposit as expected. MODI effect is zero before Amma. Congress stayed off with a statement ‘The election and election commission are unfair’

State Unit congress leader is happy for the statement. But no reason for them to rejoice. Congress is declining in the state.

The funny part is to note is that the new MLA Valarmathi got more votes than her master Amma Jayalalithaa. But you can’t say her more successful in getting these many votes.
The Present Chief Minister of the state O Panneer Selvam(OPS), who is playing substitute role for his master cannot claim anything for his governance. Jaya is the real leader. The Party people call her as People CM. It indirectly means the present CM as appointed by the compulsion of Judicial system.

As like OPS, Valarmathi too can’t get credit for any single vote for the same reason. All the votes were for Amma. Moreover, the government is with them – It is natural in TN, the ruling government wins all the by-election. Money plays bigger role in TN either it is DMK or ADMK ruling the state.

ADMK’s own TV media house did not show even Valarmathi’s picture while the results are coming out. For them, this is another election for Jaya – but this time with a mask. To put it clear, AMMA wins again.

AMMA or MK only wins TN. No reason for others to rejoice.


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