Jaya victorious over Rajapaksa


It may not do anything for the welfare of Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka or mainland India. But the last week’s victory of Jaya over Rajapaksa regime in an article row proves to be symbolic win for anti-Rajapaksa regime. Rajapaksa, the president of the island has to bow for the pressure of India which originated from the coastal state of India, Tamil Nadu.

Tamils though constitute a major amount of population in the nation, India – still void of power to get welfare for all Tamils in the neighboring island.

Any government of New Delhi tried its level best to keep Tamil issue, a low profile issue. Even the UN gets no visa from India in SriLanka issue, a peace loving country campaigned by most Indians.

The Defense of the island nation is handled by the president’s own sibling – Gotabaya Rajapasksa. The Defense department has a site called defence.lk. Defense site posted an article claiming the meaning of love letter by Jayalalitha, the chief minister of Tamil nadu state to Narendra Modi, the prime minister of Indian union.

Article at defence.lk

The article was written in bad taste. The article was written by a journalist. The article was published with a disclaimer on the article by site stating it as author’s view. Not sure, when defense.lk became news paper or allowing eminent to write their thoughts in which defense department has varied thoughts.

Mahinda Rajapaksa, president of Sri Lanka

The article created furor in the political class of Tamil nadu. Surprisingly, every Tamil leader condemned the article, which is a very rare event in the hero worship Tamil politics.

Total Tamil polity is now against the Sri Lankan government, which was not the case when the Tamil Tigers were alive.The War against Sinhala regime is getting shifted from the Tamils of Eelam to Tamils of Tamil Nadu.

An unconditional apology was rendered by SriLankan defense department and apology was rendered by the president of the island.

Uping the ante against all the mis deeds of SriLankan government will keep the Eelam aspiration alive. SriLankan government has to understand that Tamil Nadu’s ruling party is the third biggest party in present Indian parliament – though the government may not need support in the people’s house(lok Sabha – the lower house), the government is sort of numbers in Upper house(Rajya Sabha).

Victory to Jaya is lesson to lanka!

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