Jayamania: Hero-worshiping at its Worst


It was BBC’s six part documentary series ‘The Story of India’ stated the Tamil society as ‘World’s last living classical society’. The Classical societies believed in hero worship. Kings were considered as Gods. This concept existed very much in practice until the last king of Nepal in the sub-continent.

But, Is crazy hero worship is nature of Tamils ? Few days are making this question in my mind. Tamil Nadu is most urbanized state of the nation. Tamil Nadu has more literate than any other state in the nation. Tamil Nadu’s capital preserve the classical quality with no compromise on co-existing fast development.

Since MG Ramachandran expelled from DMK, Tamil Nadu became bi-polar. From then, there were two leaders and more glorified more or less bigger fan clubs called Dravidian parties started to existed in the state.

Hero worship started to reach its peak and it is continuing. MG Ramachandran brought this hero worship from his native field called movie industry where he was highly popular against the acting legend Sivaji VC Ganeshan. In movie industry – It was Sivaji. In Politics, it was M Karunanidhi.

Jayalalithaa was coached in politics by MG Ramachandran. Jaya learned her political style from her master MG Ramachandran. M Karunanidhi too became hero icon in his politics though it is not  full fledged. But his family enjoys high profile and act as powerhouse inside his party.

Now, Jayalalithaa is put under the scanner of justice and her party is not happy with it. Her party and followers are not bothered about the charges against her.

One of her supporter and famous karate trainer Shihan Hussaini nailed himself on cross with mental demand to god to install Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister again.

The question remains bigger. Why these party-affiliated Tamils  are getting more crazier ? The reason seems to be that these people are psychologically influenced by the ego filled leaders or couldn’t see through their leaders or heroes’ histrionics.

Is it good, if world’s last living classical society is reduced to a bunch of crazy hero-worshipers?

It is time for our Tamil Society to ponder over such things.

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