Jigarthanda: A Slap on the System


Jigar means Hot and Thanda means cold. A hot movie on a cold blooded gangster.

If you believe in the second sentence of this article, It is untrue at least for the Jigarthanda made in Tamil by Karthik Subburaj.

Tamil movie industry is with fresh blood now days turning to be one of the best movie industry across the nation. Karthik, who is yet another product of short film industry of  Tamil nadu. Thanks to ‘Nalaya Iyakkunar (Tomorrow’s Director)’ – the new platform was set for the young talented radical thinking story tellers for the state.

Director Karthik Subbaraj and Actor Siddarth

Jigarthanda seems to be half biography of the director himself. The Lead character of the movie is named after Karthik, the director himself. I am carefully placing the word lead rather than Hero. The movie does not need a hero. The movie is better by itself. It requires no duet or sterotype comedy scenes. But the compulsions of Tamil movie industry push the director to place a song on a very light romantic background, which gets almost unnoticed by the audience.

An young director was criticized and acclaimed by the same moment on television. Karthik himself was a runner up in ‘Nalaya Iyakkunar’ – I think.

But directors like Karthik goes through the phase of pain to make their dream, a reality. But Karthik makes it.

Simha, The Gangster of the movie

On getting a chance to make a movie, Karthik (Siddarth) is pushed to make a gangster movie forcibly by the producer. To study, the gangster – Karthik lands in Madurai, the sickle cultural capital of Tamil Nadu as per the movie industry. He finds Sethu(Simha), a cold blooded rowdy. Simha is very convincing and gives a splendid performance.

The scenes were crafted with care. The twists were un-stereo typical. Karthik(the director) has to be appreciated for the layered screenplay which takes audience’s interest to great levels.

The Movie slaps on tamil movie industry in a very satirical way – New thoughts gets less room in Tamil movie industry is the main point to be noted. But there is always a possibility to make it. Lakshmi menon plays lead role. Music and photography is a plus to the movie.

A Very convincing movie. A Must Watch movie. Another feather on the hat of Karthik Subbaraj.

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    Impressed by the review of movie will surely try to watch this one.

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    over hyped movie